Explore a world of pure imagination


If Willy Wonka did travel, this would be it.


Our Epic Adventures are the ultimate travel experience if you’re looking to challenge yourself, go beyond your limits and discover some of the most extraordinary sights and cultures our planet has to offer.

From trekking through a remote South American jungle to driving a jeep through the Sahara, via staying with a nomadic tribe in Mongolia, your travel fantasy is brought to life! 


Explore the wonders of our world


We take you where few people have gone before; whatever you wish to do, we make it happen. Journey to the remotest places on Earth with some of the most dedicated, safe and knowledgeable teams in the business. 

  • Go on an 18-day trek through the Sarawak and Mulu National Parks in Borneo, the oldest jungle in the world.

  • Join a polar expedition through Argentina’s South Patagonia, the world’s third largest glaciated area.

  • Stay in a teepee in the Taiga Forest in northern Mongolia with members of the nomadic Dukha tribe.

  • Scale the dizzying heights of Mount Bosavi in the most remote corners of Papua New Guinea.

  • Take a ‘Top Gear Style’ road trip on a 2,000-mile drive around northern Peru.


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