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In our new season of Travel Newsletters, we pick one destination from around the world and offer a glimpse of the type of holiday you can experience with A2D Travel. This month, we present Japan as our destination of choice.

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Stig Egard
Founder & CEO
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10 Nights in Japan
Sample Itinerary


Scandinavian Airlines and Nippon Airways

Oslo - Copenhagen: 11:40 - 12:50 
Copenhagen – Tokyo NRT: 15:45 - 09:35 (+1)

Osaka – Tokyo NRT: 07:50  - 09:10
Tokyo NRT - Copenhagen: 11:10 – 15:30
Copenhagen – Oslo: 16:15 – 17:25

day 1-travel-japan-a2d-travel-blog-newsletter.jpg

Day 1: Tokyo

Arrival and transfer with English speaking guide and private car to the Hoshinoya Tokyo, the city’s first luxury five-star traditional ryokan inn, housed in an 18-storey skyscraper. Dine at the infamous Robot Restaurant.                                      


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Day 2: Tokyo

Meet your appointed travel guide for a full day sightseeing tour by private car and visit:

  • Tokyo Sky Tree

  • Asakusa District (Sensoji Temple)

  •   Akihabara (Manga and electric town)

  •   Ginza shopping district

  • Odaiba (Tokyo bay skyline and museums)

day 3-japan-travel-newsletter-a2d-boutique-global-concierge.jpg

Day 3: Tokyo      

Meet your travel guide for a half day sightseeing                    
tour and visit:        

  • Shibuya virtual reality experience

  • Harajuku district (fashion mecca)                                          

  • Shinjuku district (shopping district & architecture)                   

day 4-japan-travel-blog-a2d-travel-newsletter.jpg

Day 4: Tokyo & Mount Fuji

Meet your travel guide for private sightseeing tour to Mt Fuji and visit:

  • Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway

  • Oshino Hakkai village (small village with ponds and great view of Mt Fuji)

  • Check in to Hoshinoya Fuji (glamping resort in a tranquil red pine forest by Lake Kawaguchi)

day 5-japan-inspiration-travel-blog.jpg

Day 5: Fuji to Matsumoto  

Meet your travel guide for a private tour and transfer               
to Azumino and Matsumoto by private car and visit:

  •  Azumino wasabi farm                                                             

  • Matsumoto Castle                                                                  

  • Evening check-in at Tobira Onsen Myojinkan - a ryokan                 
    located in the Tobira hot spring area                          

day 6-japan-inspiration-travel-blog-a2d-newsletter.jpg

Day 6: Matsumoto to Tsumago to Kyoto

Meet your travel guide for a private tour and transfer to Tsumago by private car and high speed train to Kyoto and visit Waki Honjin (small village where the samurais used to live). Transfer to Nagoya station for train to Kyoto and evening check-in at the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto.

day 7-japan-inspiration-travel-blog-a2d-boutique .jpg

Day 7: Kyoto      

Meet your travel guide for a full day sightseeing tour in Kyoto by private car and visit:  

  • Nishiki Market                 

  • Kinakakuji Temple (Golden pavilion)                                     

  • Ryoanji (Rock garden)                                                          

  • Arashiyama bamboo forest                                       

  • Gion (geisha district)                                     

day 8-japan-inspiration-kyoto-a2d-boutique-travel-concierge .jpg

Day 8: Kyoto

Meet your travel guide for a half day sightseeing tour of Kyoto by private car and visit:

  • Fushimi Inari shrine (1000s of vermilion torii gates)   

  • Kiyomizu temple  

  • Higashiyama area   

day 9.-japan-travel-blog-kyotojpg

Day 9: Kyoto to Nara  

Private transfer to Kominka House, Sasayuri-an Ozunu - a Japanese style villa in Nara. Choose from 2 of the following tours whilst in Nara:

  • Akame 48 waterfalls

  • Muro dragon shrine                                                                 

  • Ueno castle                                                                             

  • Art forest                                                                                     

day 10-japan-travel-blog-osaka-a2d-concierge.jpg

Day 10: Nara to Osaka

Private transfer & check-in to Intercontinental Hotel Osaka. Upon arrival in Osaka your optional private guided  tour will include the following:    

  • Osaka backstreets snack tour          

  • Umeda sky building     

  • Kuromon market  

  • Glico Man neon sign in Namba 

Day 11: Osaka to Oslo

Private transfer to Osaka Itami airport for return flight to Oslo via Tokyo (approx. 20 minutes drive). Arrival at Oslo airport and private car to home destination.