Corporate Innovation: Spotlight on Seattle.


Hello and welcome to A2D’s first corporate newsletter.

 In this edition, we turn our focus to the topic of innovation, present a unique and exciting opportunity for business growth, and shine a spotlight on Seattle, home of Amazon and Starbucks, and the new Silicon Valley of commercial space start-ups.


Every business leader agrees it’s important, but nobody can seem to agree on what innovation actually is or means. At A2D, we believe that “Innovation is the future delivered”. It's essential that companies innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition, surpass the expectations of their clients and employees and find new ways to improve the world we live in. And what better way to develop innovation than to learn from the experts.

A2D's International Corporate Experiences Program

We have created this unique program to connect our clients’ companies and executives with other leading companies around the world that are leading the way through innovation. Each bespoke Corporate Experiences Program aims to: • Educate and inspire our clients, • Build global business relationships; and • Enable our clients to engage in meaningful conversations with international companies about their vision and growth strategies, innovation and best practices. Of course, we also arrange for our clients to stay in leading hotels, travel in style and experience the best entertainment the world has to offer. Whether its brainstorming with digital media companies and newspapers in New York, touring olive and vegetable production farms in Spain, or visiting leading hospitals in Europe and Latin America,  our International Corporate Experience Programs can be created for any type of industry and sector. A2D’s global network of business contacts allows us to open doors and make introductions for our clients that they are unable to do themselves.


Our destination of choice right now for these innovation programs is Seattle, the ‘Emerald City’ on the Pacific Coast of the US. Seattle has a long history of innovation: Amazon and Starbucks were both founded and still have their headquarters in the city. It is filled with big businesses and Fortune 500 companies; Boeing, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Dropbox all have offices there.

Thanks to the presence of Amazon in the city, Seattle has become the biggest company town in the US. No company epitomises innovation and scalability like the online retail giant; it has a staggering 40 subsidiary companies, including Whole Foods and Alexa and is the biggest purchaser of renewable power. It is continually developing innovative ways to improve its supply chain, even venturing into its own delivery services.

Amazon Go

Amazon Go

Amazon Treasure Truck

Amazon Treasure Truck

The pilot Amazon Go store, located in Seattle, offers customers a high-tech, cashier-free shopping experience, allowing them to scan their phone upon entrance, grab desired items off a shelf, and automatically get charged the right amount after exiting without the need to stop at a cash register to pay.

The new Amazon Treasure Truck, now rolled out across the US and the UK, was originally tested in Seattle, allowing shoppers to pick-up new, local, or trending items (such as heavily discounted GoPro cameras and Whole Food products) and collected from a travelling truck that stops at key locations.

Both of these initiatives are serving to develop the Whole Foods brand, acquired by Amazon in 2017 for $13.7 billion. Analysts suggest that Amazon’s main interest in acquiring Whole Foods is for the treasure chest of consumer data that comes with the acquisition - grocery buying habits and patterns, preferences, correlations between purchases of different products and even different categories. With such data at their disposal, they have the capabilities to really tailor the grocery shopping experience to the individual.

The Seattle-based Starbucks is also testing out cashless stores in the city, only accepting cards or pay-by-phone from customers to evaluate customer response and garner employee feedback. Should the pilot store prove successful, it is likely the initiative could be rolled out company wide.

Seattle is also fast becoming the Silicon Valley of commercial space start-ups with companies such as Spaceflight and others now firmly established in the area. But more than simply a business hot spot, Seattle is an exciting urban city surrounded by unmatched natural beauty, with world-class attractions, major sports teams and a thriving arts and culture scene.

Sample International Corporate Experiences Program

An A2D International Corporate Experiences Program in Seattle could include flights, transfers, accommodation, food, social entertainment and business activities.

Below is a sample itinerary.

Fly with Iceland Air from Oslo via Reykjavík
OSL - KEF 14:35 - 15:25
KEF - SEA 17:00 - 17:45
SEA - KEF 16:00 - 06:15
KEF - OSL 07:50 - 12.25

Stay at Inn At The Market a luxury, 70-room boutique hotel in downtown Seattle with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay for a never to be forgotten experience.

Inn At The Market

Inn At The Market

Inn At The Market

Inn At The Market

Din Tai Fung
El Gaucho
Opus Co
FlintCreek Cattle Co
Harvest Beat

Tailored to your company’s objectives but could include conference attendance, keynote speakers, tours of offices and facilities, brainstorming sessions with industry leaders.

Concerts - between August and November 2018

Fleetwood Mac
Ed Sheeran
Boy George & Culture Club
Florence & The Machine
Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper
Sam Smith
Jay-Z & Beyonce

Seattle Seahawks (NFL)
Seattle Sounders (MLS Soccer)
Seattle Mariners (MLB Baseball)

Paddle-boarding on Portage Bay
Go flightseeing - charter a hot air balloon or helicopter for the best views of Seattle
Visit Space Needle, Seattle’s world-famous observation tower
Ride the Seattle Center Monorail - an elevated monorail line
Ride the Seattle Great Wheel - a giant Ferris wheel at Pier 57 on Elliott Bay
Private fishing tours in Puget Sound

I hope this newsletter and sample International Corporate Experiences Program inspires you to get in touch with A2D to discuss how we can support your company’s business growth.

Best wishes,
Stig Egard Founder & CEO, A2D Boutique Concierge