How to Select the Right Private or Corporate Concierge Service?


Are you at the stage of your professional or personal life where you could benefit from a private concierge service?

For successful, busy professionals who never want to miss a beat, a private concierge can be your connection to experiences you never knew were possible. 

Imagine knowing where to go and what to do in every city you visit. Picture yourself backstage at sold-concerts or snagging impossible tickets to the biggest game of the year. What if you had someone that could plan the most remarkable, unbelievable adventures that you have only read about…but never imagined were possible? Have you ever dreamed of walking the red carpet at an awards gala or attending one of the famous after-party events hosted by celebrities? If you dream in full color and want to live a life as rich and exciting as your imagination will allow, a private concierge service may be right for you.

Could You Use a Corporate Concierge?

If you manage employee benefits in a high-performance industry or are involved in sales, having access to a corporate concierge can help you perform at a much higher level. A corporate concierge can connect you to the hottest concert tickets, sporting events, and sold-out shows so that you always look good. An imaginative corporate concierge will anticipate your needs and create experiences that will distinguish you as a leader.  From perfectly-planned professional seminars in far-flung destinations to custom conferences, parties and events that awe your guests, a corporate concierge is your connection to dominating as a professional.

How to Select the Right Concierge Service?

Stig Egard, the founder of A2D Concierge (Attention 2 Details), has been one of the most respected names in the private and concierge community for more than 25 years.  While Stig won’t name names, he’s managed some incredible feats for his clients over the years. Private invitations to Elton John’s Grammy’s after-party, an incredible sunset wedding at Machu Picchu, business meetings in hot air balloons in Kenya, and a corporate event held on a private island in Costa Rica, are just a few of the many “impossible” requests he has made “possible” for his clients.

Stig, a tall, blond-haired Norwegian with an easy smile, is a master of relationships. He understands the importance of creating relationships based on trust.

“We earn the trust of our clients every day by listening and delivering consistent results,“ he says. “We take the time to listen to what our clients are saying…and we also listen to the things they are not saying.”

Lasting client partnerships are predicated on honest and open communications. It’s our responsibility to really understand who our clients are, what they value and what they aspire to be.  When we help our clients achieve on those levels, we become invaluable to them. “Our clients trust us with some of the most intimate details of their lives. It’s an honor and a privilege that we never take for granted,” says Stig.

How can you find a concierge service that will change your life? A good concierge will take the time to know the details of your personal and professional personas. The best concierges will know you so well that they can anticipate your needs.  While you should absolutely interview at least 2-3 concierges, the best concierges will interview you as well. Leading concierge firms like A2D Concierge only accept clients that fit their member profile.  “We are looking for clients that understand value and seek lasting partnerships. Discerning professionals and global corporations seeking to take their lives and their businesses to the next level are the ideal fit for our services,” says Stig. “Once we decide to work together, we will delve deeply into your life and your organization to see where we can add the greatest value.” A2D is recognized throughout Scandinavia, Europe, Africa and the USA for delivering the highest level of client satisfaction. “We know our clients, perhaps even better than they know themselves,” jokes Stig. “We make it our business to put ourselves in your shoes, and to deliver a level of service derived from a thorough understanding of our clients and a commitment to paying attention to the details.”

Your Reputation Precedes You:

Most leading concierge service companies are quite private about their business. Most business comes from referrals from happy clients.  Some clients may not even want to share their concierge, for fear of losing that special relationship. “I would say that probably 95% of our business comes from referrals from current clients,” says Stig. “These referrals matter to us, because we want to make sure that we deliver the same incredible experience for our new referral clients, so that it makes our current clients look good too!” says Stig with a laugh. A2D is recognized for innovative concierge solutions for corporations across Europe, Africa and the Americas. Their reputation for stellar corporate seminars, conferences and corporate training programs has made A2D the proven leader in corporate concierge services across Europe, Africa and the USA.

Seek Value over Price:

If you’ve decided that a private or corporate concierge service is right for you or your company, you will eventually need to sign a contract. Most concierge services charge an annual membership fee. These fees start at $2000 and can reach as high as $500,000 per year. Concierge clients should expect to pay a reasonable fee to work with a high-quality concierge, but most costs are incurred when services are performed. “Our clients come to us for things that they cannot do on their own.  We help our clients get tickets to sold out events, and we plan once-in-a-lifetime vacations almost every week.” says Stig. We’re here to help people live extraordinary lives and to help companies plan incredible conferences and seminars that give them a competitive advantage.  We’re here for the WOW!” says Stig gesturing with excitement.

What is the WOW Experience?

The WOW experience is different for everyone. If you are a foodie, your WOW experience might be a private dinner party prepared for you and your friends by a world-famous chef or a private corporate event with a panel of iron Chefs. If you love sports, imagine getting tickets to every championship game, and an opportunity to spend time both on and off the court with the world’s best players. If you love to travel and drink wine, your WOW experience might include a vacation to the finest vineyards in France, South Africa, Chile and Napa with private tours, tastings and an opportunity to learn the secrets of great wine from legendary winemakers. Once your concierge knows how to make you happy, you should expect to be amazed.  A great concierge will bring you opportunities that you never dreamed were possible and will open doors that may have been closed to you before. You’ll meet people you never imagined you would meet, and you will have access to people and opportunities that will elevate your lives in untold ways. Once you’ve been fortunate to live the good life with the help of a concierge, you’ll never go back…and you’ll probably tell your closest friends.

“When we receive a referral, we know we’ve done our job right.” says Stig. “Every day, we start out asking how we can inject a sense of wonder and awe into the lives of our clients and help them live and perform at a higher level. We connect our clients with experiences and opportunities that change their lives.”

If you’re ready to live life or run your business with a little more WOW, contact a private or corporate concierge. Don’t put off to tomorrow what your concierge can do for you today!