Corporate Innovation: How China Is Leading The Way

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Hello! And welcome to our first Corporate Innovation newsletter of 2019.

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The country with the world's biggest population and the second largest economy has transformed itself in recent years. No longer regarded as "the world's factory", it has become a hive of technology innovation, with ideas that surpass those of the West.

In June 2016, Chinese president Xi Jinping spoke of his vision for China to become the leading player in science and technology globally. He said the country must be on course to being a leading innovator worldwide by 2030. "Great scientific and technological capacity is a must for China to be strong and for people's live to improve," he said, calling for new ideas, designs, and strategies in science and technology. Stressing the importance of innovation in developing the country, as well as mankind, he said "It won't do without innovation, nor will it do if the innovation is carried out slowly."

Fast forward to 2019, and China has become the first nation to successfully land a discovery probe on the far side of the moon. Impressive stuff!

There are so many exciting advancements coming out of China right now, that it makes it an ideal destination for A2D's International Corporate Experiences Program. Here are just some of them:


According to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, China is adding 9,500 electric buses - the equivalent of a London fleet - to its roads every five weeks.

The buses are helping clean up the air quality of dense urban populations, as well as reducing the country's reliance on oil.

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The world's largest floating solar power plant was connected to the local power grid in China's Anhui province in May 2015.

Aimed at vastly shifting China's use of fossil fuels, the 40-megawatt solar facility is built on top of a flooded coal mining region.

In the industrial hub of Shenzhen, Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has proposed the planet’s biggest waste to energy plant, designed to transform 5,000 tonnes of waste every day into power. The plant is due to open in 2020, will be almost a mile wide, and will no doubt seal China's position as a global innovator.

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Over in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, recent innovation has come in the form of a brand new revitalization project called The Mills. Three abandoned cotton mills that once witnessed the manufacturing heyday of the 1960s have been brought back to life by property developer, Nan Fung Group and brilliantly reimagined as an arts and cultural complex, creative co-working space and start-up hub. The project took 5 years to complete and cost HK$700 million. The sleek and modern complex is a fantastic homage to Hong Kong’s golden era in the textile industry.


Online vs Offline Retail

In China, the division between online and offline retail is far less apparent. Bricks and mortar stores cleverly incorporate “high tech” to entice consumers, and offer personalised recommendations via apps and big data.

Innovative technologies such as “magic mirrors”, which allow customers to “try on” new clothes without physically changing into the items, are showcased in-store. 

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China is inspiring the rest of the world on ways to satisfy future consumers by also incorporating advanced technologies such as facial recognition and mobile gamification to engage customers

Mobile Payments 

When it comes to shifts in consumer behaviour, China is setting new trends. Chinese consumers no longer rely on debit cards as their preferred method of payment. Instead, they've adopted new, cashless ways to buy, adopting mobile payment (via QR code and phones) at a fast pace, going from £24m of transactions per year in 2012 to a mind-boggling £9.8trillion in 2016!

Pioneering Artificial Intelligence

Chinese companies are also making bold moves in the area of artificial intelligence. Search engine giant Baidu recently unveiled the world’s first AI park in Beijing, and in 2017 the Chinese government announced its intention to surpass all Western nations in terms of implementing AI.

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