The Bottom Line: Corporate Concierge Services Provide Benefits for Employers and Employees


Attracting, hiring and retaining top talent is a priority for progressive companies. The only way to keep your company in the lead is to hire the best talent and give them the tools to succeed. Increasingly, many small, mid-sized and even large companies are discovering the benefits of using a corporate concierge to help keep their star employees happy. Most employers that use corporate concierge services report that concierge services build morale, help them show appreciation to key employees and make them stand out among competitors.

When most people think of corporate concierge services, their mind wanders to luxury hotels and resorts with traditional concierges standing behind desks, helping guests get show tickets or restaurant reservations. Today’s corporate concierge looks much different. In fact, most concierge services are offered virtually, providing valuable employees with benefits that make them feel like rock stars. But in today’s highly-competitive labor market, businesses and corporations are adding concierge services to their employee benefits package to recruit and retain top talent, build morale, and increase productivity.

While most corporate concierge programs focus on helping employees save time by managing mundane tasks like dry cleaning, dog walking, restaurant reservations and more, a new breed of corporate concierge services is focused on creating and implement incentives and professional development programs that elevate corporate brands by taking incredible care of their top performing employees.

Leading corporate concierge companies like A2D Boutique Concierge understand the complex world of employee incentives. They have created hundreds of successful incentive programs that make employees ecstatic. The best incentive programs become the stuff of corporate legends, with employees still talking about them years later. A2D has helped corporations surprise overworked staff with tickets to sold-out concerts and sporting events and sent top employees on an all-expenses paid spa or adventure vacation to dream destinations.

Some of the most notable employee and client incentive programs developed by A2D include private visits to wineries and wine tasting in Cognac, Champagne, Tuscany and Napa Valley, sand surfing in Peru, bungee jumping in New Zealand, an authentic week-long cattle drive in Texas, diving cenotes in Mexico, swimming sunken atolls around the Galapagos Islands, and watching millions of migrating wildebeests while hot-air ballooning in Kenya.

Sales Seminars & Team Building Vacations:

Corporate Concierge Services

Corporate Concierge Services

Companies that host unforgettable sales seminars or team-building vacations for top sales earners demonstrate a commitment to their employees that goes beyond the bottom line. Leading global brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, Marriott, Qantas, Google and others have embraced the destination sales seminars and team building vacations with great success.

Companies that have successfully implemented concierge programs include high tech, bio tech, law firms, health care organizations, financial and professional services are among the many industries whose employees benefit from corporate concierge and corporate incentive programs.

The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report indicates that 79% of HR leaders report their single biggest challenge is retention and engagement. Companies that engage in corporate concierge and employee incentive programs see a general 13% decrease in turnover rates and an 18% reduction in recruiting costs. Many companies report that after implementing such incentive programs they witness a 15% increase in employees stating that their workplace is a “best place to work.”

Stig Egard, CEO of A2D Boutique Concierge believes that when it comes to successful employee incentive and corporate concierge programs, size doesn’t matter.

“Companies as small as 50 employees to companies with more than 50,000 employees can successfully implement employee and corporate concierge services with lasting benefits. Every day, we plan amazing corporate concierge and employee incentive programs for companies all over the world. Our clients come back to us year after year, so the message is clear. These programs deliver results.”