The Best Restaurants near London’s Top Football Stadiums: A Definitive Guide

Stig Egard

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Where to Find a Great Meal near London’s Top Football Stadiums

Why settle for unimpressive, overpriced stadium food, when you can dine at some of London’s most impressive restaurants located close to your favorite team’s stadium? With a little planning and a sufficient time to have a few drinks, relax and soak up the atmosphere, you can enjoy some outstanding food before or after the big match.

Stadium #1: Arsenal F.C Emirates Stadium:

There are many great places to eat close to Emirates Stadium. We’ve put together a list of the best food in the most convenient locations close to the action.

Xi’an Impressions (Asian)

117 Benwell Rd, London N7 7BW (Next to Emirates Stadium). Tel: +44 20 3441 0191

If you’re looking for something different than traditional pub burgers or fish & chips, Xian Impressions serves up tasty dishes from the Shan Xi province of China. The restaurant space is nothing special, but the location is hard to beat. I don’t know of any other restaurant that’s closer to the action. Try the biang biang noodles for an authentic dish.  Wisely, Xian Impressions also serves a decent burger which makes it a place to keep almost everyone in your group happy.

Wolkite (Ethiopian)

82 Hornsey Road, London N7 7NN (Next to Emirates Stadium). Tel: +44 78 0956 6832

If you love Ethiopian food or even if you’ve never tried it but want to try something new, I can recommend Wolkite. It’s a simply place, but the food is authentic and delicious. Try the awazie tibs (lamb with injera bread) and asa wot (tilapia with rice). Most main courses are all around £10 or less, which is a real value in London.  This is a great place if you have a vegetarian in your group.  Try a pint of their Ethiopian beer or surprise your palette with their traditional home brewed honey wine.

Mama Mia Pizzeria: (Pizza/Italian)

12 Hornsey Road, London N7 7BP. Tel +44 20 3302 6364

If you’re looking for an informal place with excellent Italian food and pizza made to order, this is the place. This is a great place for groups and families. The chef is Sicilian and he takes great pride in his meals. Everything is made to order. The pizzas are excellent, but the pasta and risotto are truly superb. Located one block from the underground stop on Holloway Rd Piccadilly Line (zone 2).

Zelman Drinks (Sports Bar)

5 Station Pl, Finsbury Park, London N4 2DH. Tel: +44 20 7842 8523

Most sports bars are copies of each other, serving up basic bar burgers, wings and a few specialty dishes. Zelman Drinks is different. They offer a diverse cocktail menu, a short but appealing list of inventive bar foods and a decent selection of tap beer and cider. This place is cool and has a hipster/indie bar vibe that works. It’s a great place to chill out before, during and after the game. It’s also a short walk to the Arsenal football store.  I recommend the BBQ Beef Brisket Roll, the Spicy Tempura Prawn Roll or the Commander Birds Beef Fingers (Braised Brisket Deep Fried in Breadcrumbs w/Horseradish Mayo) All dishes are under £9.00…making it easy to stay and enjoy!

Westerns Laundry (Small Plates/Seafood)

34 Drayton Park, Highbury East, London N5 1PB. Tel: +44 20 7700 3700

Strange name…but great food. The important thing to know about Westerns Laundry is that most dishes are served in small portions, like tapas. Of particular note are the scallops, baked fennel, squid noodle pasta, lemon sole, mussels and sardine dishes. Every dish is cooked to perfection.  The prices are a bit high for the small portions, but the flavors are superb. The wine selection is good but overpriced. Try the bread and cheese board…excellent selection of British cheeses.

Piebury Corner (Café/British)

209-211 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL. Tel: +44 20 7700 5441

Whether you’re interested in a savory meat pie or a delicious sweet fruit pie, Piebury Corner will not disappoint. Seating is limited, so come early to get your place before or after the big match. Try the goat cheese and butternut squash pies with the creamy mashed potatoes All fans are welcome making it a great place to enjoy the pre-match atmosphere with some amazing music and loads of fun!

Dotori (Korean/Japanese)

3 Stroud Green Rd, London N4 2DQ. Tel: +44 20 7263 3562

This small, intimate Asian restaurant has a very comfortable feel with friendly service. Top Korean and Japanese food for very reasonable prices. Service can be slow at times, and you may need to wave to the wait staff to order, but the food is consistently good. The sushi here is always fresh and delicious. Families can order a set meal which is perfectly sized for 2-3 adults and 2 children. It’s best to call ahead for a reservation, since Dotori is almost always busy and sometimes has queues out the door.

Prawn on the Lawn (Asian/Seafood)

292-294 St Paul's Rd, Highbury East, London N1 2LL. Tel: +44 20 3302 8668

This compact restaurant has a menu that changes every day, depending on the day’s catch in Devon and Cornwall. Oysters, crabs and lobster are sent up from local suppliers in Padstow. In short, everything is fresh. Try the whole Cornish mackerel with ‘nduja and nasturtium or the plaice tempura with curry sauce and crispy shallots. If you have a group, the large seafood platters are a great option. You can never go wrong with whole crabs and lobsters served with garlic butter. Most dishes can be served in a traditional manner or with Thai and Chinese sauces.  Super friendly service. Very nice wine list at reasonable prices.  If you like cocktails, try the Cornish Negroni…strong but delicious.

Quality Fish Bar (British/Fish & Chips)

266 Seven Sisters Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2HY. Tel: +44 20 7281 1032

No nonsense, top notch fish and chips. Huge portions make it easy to share a single plate. Quick and easy and affordable. Most will want to split a £9 order of cod and chips. When you’re running late and want a quick and tasty meal…this is the place.


Stig’s Pick

Chichetti (Italian)

Piccadilly Tube: 10 Minutes to Emirates Stadium

For those that want to avoid the crowds on match day, it may be a good idea to find a restaurant close to Piccadilly Line. My choice in Picadilly is Chichetti, an exceptional Italian eatery with something for everyone. Take the tube 10 minutes from Piccadilly and you’ll be in the thick of the action near Emirates stadium.

Stadium #2: Chelsea F.C & Stamford Bridge:

Bospherous Kebabs (Kebabs/Takeaway)

59 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3JS. Tel: +44 20 7584 4048

This place is a hidden gem with excellent donner meat kababs. For a takeaway place, the kebabs are outstanding…simple and well executed. They offer some of the best middle eastern kebab in the area. The mixed grill or mixed kofte grill are highly recommended. Fans say that Bosphorus has the best kebab in London. I can’t say it’s the best, but it’s easily one of the best.

Jia (Asian/Dim Sum)

1 Harrington Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3ES. Tel: +44 20 7584 7188

If you’re in the mood for dim sum, this is the place. Do not expect to spend any time after your meal as the wait staff is known to be pushy. But if you want fast, fresh and very tasty dim sum on your way to the stadium, this is a good choice. Not a great place for families with children. Plan to spend at least £10 per person, or they will likely make a fuss. The manager and wait staff can be difficult. But it also has great dim sum and fast service. Perfect for people on the run.

Santa Maria Pizzeria (Pizza)

Chelsea: 94 Waterford Rd, Fulham, London SW6 2HA. Tel: +44 20 7384 2844

Some say that Santa Maria has the best pizza in the area. It’s hard to argue. Stick to the pizza. It is excellent. Crispy wood-fired oven crusts, fresh tomato sauce and loads of traditional and inventive toppings. Great for one person or a large group. You can’t go wrong with this pizza.

Stecca (Italian)

14 Hollywood Rd, Kensington, London SW10 9HY. Tel: +44 20 7460 2322

Truly stellar Italian food with attentive service. There are many favorites here. Start with the beef carpaccio, or the crab salad with peach, then savor the Linguine all'Aragosta ( Linuguini with Lobster). The risotto with truffles is sublime. For dessert, taste the crema mascarpone. Book a table in advance, because it is generally very busy. Real Italian food is what you will get here. Prices are a bit high, but worth it.

The Butchers Hook (Gastropub)

477 Fulham Rd, London SW6 1HL. Tel: +44 20 7385 4654

Honest, straightforward pub fare located close to the stadium makes this place a winner among local fans. Just one street over from the stadium, this gastropub offers a value meal of three dishes for £12 including scotch eggs, terrine and haddock. The fries here are excellent.

Harwood Arms (Brithish/Gastro Pub)

Walham Grove, Fulham, London SW6 1QP. Tel: +44 20 7386 1847

When people talk about a Gastropub, the Harwood Arms is what they really mean. Excellent British food in a warm ambiance is what you will find here. Few pubs ever attain a Michelin star, so the food is great to be sure. Try the specials. They are excellent and always seasonal. I recommend the mackerel with pickled cucumber and seaweed mustard as a starter. The braised deer was perfectly cooked and flavorful…outstanding.  They have a very good wine list and a great beer selection. For a Michelin star restaurant, the prices are quite reasonable.

Cambio de Tercio (Tapas)

163 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0LJ. Tel: +44 20 7244 8970

This is a popular spot for tapas, but you can also order full entrees. The space is somewhat small, but charming. It’s great for couples but big enough to manage groups up to 10 or so. The specials are consistently good. Try the turbot, chili prawns and lamb cutlets, which are excellent. Also recommended is the Iberian ham, and the red tuna mini-burgers with kimchi sauce. Service is good, but can be occasionally rude if you make any complaints. The wine list is good, but the more expensive bottles are not necessarily better than the cheaper ones…so be careful.

Best Mangal 3 (Turkish)

619 Fulham Road, London SW6 5UQ. Tel: +44 20 7610 0009

From the outside it looks like a typical kebab house. But once you get past the takeaway counter, it’s quite comfortable inside. Authentic, very tasty dishes and kebab food is amazing! The grilled meats are excellent and the grilled sea bass is a treat. The service is always friendly and quick. On game days, they often have a special menu. It’s always busy on match days, but you’ll always get served quickly and with a smile.


Bar Boulud

Bar Boulud

Stig’s Pick:

Bar Boulud (French)

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park: 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA. Tel: 44 20 7201 3899

A casual restaurant serving classic French dishes is the best way to describe Bar Boulud. It’s easy to indulge on the warm bread and soft butter before your food arrives. While the standard French dishes never disappoint, it’s the hamburgers that people talk about. Some hail these burgers as among the best in London. If you come for lunch, you can also try the 3-course lunch menu. Don’t skip dessert. The chocolate framboise was incredible, and the baba au rhum was delicious even though it had a little too much rum. The peanut parfait is a dream. Ideal for small or even large groups. Bar Boulud opens at noon. It’s a quick five-minute taxi ride to Stamford bridge, leaving you plenty of time to have a great lunch and still arrive in time for the 3pm kickoff.

Stadium #3: West Hams London Stadium: United FC

Crate Brewery & Pizzeria (Pizza & BrewPub)

Unit 7, Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, London, E9 5EN. Tel: +44 20 8533 3331

Located in a warehouse-style building, this trendy pizza pub is always packed. Even when busy, wait times are minimal. The thin crust pizza is excellent and served quickly…within 20 minutes. Experienced staff, while not overly friendly, ensures that your food arrives hot and tasty. They have a good assortment of craft beer with some inventive flavors. The pizzas are equally inventive. Favorites include lamb pizza & the white pizza.

Gotto Trattoria (Italian)

27 East Bay Lane, London E20 3BS. Tel: +44 20 3424 5035

Gotto offers delicious authentic Italian food on the canal with an attentive, albeit not overly friendly staff.  Try the gnocchi with slices of black truffle, a great value at only £10. The Pasta Bigoli with clams is also a favorite. Throw back a negroni or two and finish with a delightful tiramisu. This is a good pick for families. Also, perfect for a leisurely canal walk if you’re not in a rush.

Shanes on Canalside (Modern British)

26 East Bay Lane, Here East, London E15 2GW. Tel: +44 20 3828 9991

Located less than 1 miles from the stadium, try to arrive early for the bottomless brunch…a great value. This is the place for a tasty steak dinner, or a British cheese board.  Other favorites include a wild rabbit burger or grilled bavette steak with fries and béarnaise sauce. The service is excellent and the food quality is consistently good.

Mason and Company (Italian/American)

25 East Bay Lane, Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E20 3BS. Tel: +44 20 3034 1034

With an incredible location right on the edge of the Olympic park, alongside the canal, Mason & Company is a great place for a beer with friends. The inside booths are comfortable but often the music is too loud. The outside grass area with benches and deck chairs is a great place to enjoy some pre-match snacks and pints. Mason & Co. has perhaps one of the best draft beer setups in London with a huge selection of craft beers. Try the courgette fries or fried chicken…excellent comfort food. The friendly staff makes everyone feel welcome.

Tippy's Thai Cafe

Tippy's Thai Cafe

Stig’s Pick:

Tippy’s Café (Thai)

91 Barking Road, London E6 1LB. Tel: +44 20 8552 4227

Located just a half mile from the stadium, in a neighborhood of average chicken restaurants, this small, cozy Thai restaurant is a hidden gem. Run by a father and daughter, the food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. Most dishes are around £10. Try the pad Thai and the duck curry. If you feel adventurous, the specials on the board are always inventive and delicious.

Stadium #4: QPR Loftus Road

Anglesea Arms (Pub)

35 Wingate Road, London W6 0UR. Tel: +44 20 7373 7960

A nice, but often crowded upscale pub near the stadium with a lively outdoor vibe. The service is slow, but the food is generally pretty good. The fish and chips are excellent and the burger with mozzarella and spiced mayo is better than most. The specials menu is generally quite good if you have the time to wait.

Albertine (Wine Bar)

1 Wood Lane, Shepherd's Bush London W12 7DP. Tel: +44 20 8743 9593

Locals call Albertine the best wine bar in West London. Reopened in 2017 by chefs Allegra McEvedy & Roberto Freddi, it's a gaining renown as an inventive, relaxed place to eat a well. Known for their impeccable selection of wines, diners also enjoy a small but well imagined menu of Mediterranean dishes and charcuterie with delicious pickled carrot ribbons that had me wishing for more. Try the ham hock terrine or the lamb tagine…both are excellent.

Shikumen (Chinese)

Dorsett Hotel, 58 Shepherd's Bush Green, London W12 8QE. Tel: +44 20 8749 9978

This respected Chinese eatery uses many local ingredients, allowing for seasonal changes. Order from the dim sum menu, a small offering of perfectly steamed, baked, and fried dishes including har gau and xiao long bao, a delightful scallop siu mai cheung and the perfectly balanced prawn and bean curd skin. It’s a bit pricey, so make sure that everyone in your group can afford it.

Killer Tomato (Mexican)

18 Goldhawk Road, London W12 8DH. Tel: +44 20 8743 0082

This place is as fun as the name implies. Energetic decor and design and attentive service makes guests feel comfortable and welcome. If you’re looking for a fun place to eat and drink, this is it. Try the “all you can eat” tacos and you will not be disappointed. You can order any combination of tacos from the menu. The flavors are amazing and everyone in your group will love it. Even friends that don’t appreciate Mexican food will love the Cheeseburger tacos.

River Café London

River Café London

Stig’s Pick:

River Café (Italian)

Thames Wharf, Rainville Rd, London W6 9HA. Tel: +44 20 7386 4200

Sublime food and service. If you enjoy Italian food, River Café will not disappoint. You can taste the fresh ingredients. Try the lamb or the truffle gnocchi. For dessert, indulge in the lemon tart, made with Amalfi lemons.  The prices are steep. For most, a good meal will set you back £100 per person. This is not a place for the budget conscious. But if you have the time and the money, you will not regret it. River Café opens 12:30pm and is an 8 minute Uber ride to the stadium.