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About A2D

I started A2D in 1995 with the vision of delivering impeccable service to a small circle of carefully-selected clients.

After 24 years in business, we’ve gone from offering small corporate events to being the invisible back office managers of our clients’ lives. We are now a multilingual and multinational team operating globally from 3 offices, specialising in travel, corporate innovation, concierge services, and security solutions.

Thanks to our trademark attention to details and our focus on developing relationships with each of our clients, A2D has grown through word-of-mouth and reputation alone.

Our clients are successful and discreet individuals and organisations from the retail, food, tech and media industries, who deeply value our discretion, trust, and ability to deliver unforgettable experiences.




Our Offices

Main Office

Artsen Zonder Grenzenstraat 31
(Green Quarter)
2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

Madrid office

Ruiz Perello 3, Entreplanta A
28028 Madrid, Spain

Scandinavian Office

C/o Regus Business Center
Aker Brygge Postboks 1433 Vika
0115 Oslo, Norway

Belgium Office

Adolf Queteletlaan 40
Antwerpen 2650, Edegem, Belgium

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